Shock Amplification by System with Energy Release (SASER)

V. Kedrinskii, Yu. Shokin, V. Vshivkov, G. Dudnikova
Lavrentyev Institute of Hydrodynamics, Institute of Computational Technology, Novosibirsk 630090, Russia

The paper is devoted to one of approaches to the solution of so-called problem of ``Acoustical Laser'' (acoustical analogy of laser system). In this connection primary attention is focused on the heterogeneous structure of reactive liquids containing macroinhomoheneities which can be a main reason of arising such known phenomena as bubbly detonation and explosion of a combustible liquids stored under pressure in containers when they are suddenly depressurized.

One can mention about some analogies of LASER/SASER systems : 1. adiabatic explosion of gas mixture into the bubbles (hot-spot system formation) of reactive bubbly system can be considered as a physical analogy of pumping process of laser system; 2. an energy release during the process of wave propagation above the hot-spot system and its amplification is an analogy of ``forced radiation'' effect. Statement features of numerical study presented consist in that a wave process development both in passive and reactive bubbly systems as a set of layers is considered when boundary as well as physical conditions can be changed for the certain instants of time according to the given program. In particular the model allows a reactive gas mixture to be reconstracted after an igniting detonation behind the wave passed. The calculations have shown that in such kind systems a pressure can be ``pumped'' up to a rather high level.

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