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TSTOOL Home Page

What is TSTOOL?

TSTOOL is a software package for nonlinear time series analysis. It is implemented mainly in MATLAB, with some time-critical parts written in C/C++ (as MEX-functions).

What's new ?

February 2009: The new TSTOOL version 1.2 is now available!

This is mainly a maintenance release to make TSTOOL work better with newer MATLAB versions.

Changes are: Important compatibility changes:

For what can I use TSTOOL?

TSTOOL can be used for computing :


What do I need to run TSTOOL?

Download TSTOOL

Please choose the package for your operating system. These packages differ only in their pre-compiled MEX-files; the MATLAB .m files are system-independent. There's also a "source-only" package without pre-compiled mex-files for those who want to compile themselves (note that all packages contain the full source, so there's no need to download the source-only package in addition to one of the other packages!).

Old TSTOOL version (v1.1) for MATLAB v5.3 to v6.0:

Please visit our old installation page which contains download links for the previous TSTOOL version. Please note that the mex files in those packages will not work for older MATLAB versions, so you will have to compile them yourself.


Send an E-Mail

If you have compiled the MEX-files for a platform that is not supported in this distribution, please send me those so that I can make them available for the public.

Copyright notice

TSTOOL now falls under the Gnu Public License (GPL).


The authors acknowledge financial support by the German Ministry for Science and Education (BMBF) and thank the members of the Nonlinear Dynamics group at the Drittes Physikalisches Institut for stimulating discussions and support.


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