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    Full OpenTSTOOL distribution with precompiled mex binaries for Solaris, SGI64, Linux and Win32

    This distribution contains all m-files, mex binaries and source code to set up and run OpenTSTOOL on most systems. It should be possible to compile the mex source code on any system for which an ANSI C++ compliant compiler is available.

    1. Solaris - OpenTSTOOL_sun.tgz (~5.0MB) (up to Matlab 7.3, 32 bit)
    2. Solaris - OpenTSTOOL_sun64.tgz (~4.0MB) (Matlab 7.4 and higher, 64 bit; not extensively tested; demos work)
    3. SGI64 - OpenTSTOOL_sgi.tgz (~3.0MB)
    4. x86-Linux - OpenTSTOOL_linux_pre7.tgz (~3.6MB) (up to Matlab 6.5)
    5. x86-Linux - OpenTSTOOL_linux.tgz (~2.7MB) (Matlab 7.x, 32 bit)
    6. AMD64-Linux - OpenTSTOOL_linux_amd64.tgz (~2.6MB) (not extensively tested; demos work)
    7. Win32 - OpenTSTOOL_win.zip (~3.6MB) (Matlab higher than 7.3 or 64-bit Windows not supported!)
    Important Windows Notes: For Matlab 7.1 to 7.3, you must rename folder OpenTSTOOL\tstoolbox\mex\dll to OpenTSTOOL\tstoolbox\mex\mexw32 immediately after unpacking! For Matlab 7.4 and higher or 64-bit Windows, the mexw32 or mexw64 files would have to be compiled anew (unsupported by us).

    For installation instructions see Chapter 3 in the TSTOOL manual.

    Patches and precompiled mexmaci binaries for MacOS Intel

    These have kindly been contributed by Alexandre Gramfort (firstname.lastname @ sophia.inria.fr) and are untested and unsupported by us. They were compiled for Matlab 7.6 with gcc 4.0 and libstdc++.6.dylib on MacOS 10.5 Intel. Note this is not a complete distibution!

    Copyright © 1997-2007 DPI Göttingen