Robert Mettin

  Drittes Physikalisches Institut 
Universität Göttingen
Friedrich-Hund-Platz 1
37077 Göttingen

voice: +49 (551) 39-22285
fax: +49 (551) 39-7720

email: RMettin<at>gwdg.de

Forschung / Research

Ultrasound, cavitation, and Nonlinear Systems:
We employ experimental, theoretical and numerical research methods.
Particular topics are acoustic cavitation and properties and dynamics of bubbles in liquids.
Important problems comprise structure formation of cavitation bubbles,
the extreme conditions in collapsing bubbles,
as well as modeling and control of cavitation phenomena.
In the framework of the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Cavitation and Micro-Erosion,
we investigate the physical interaction of liquids and solids with respect to cleaning and erosion.

Lehre / Teaching (u.a. Medizinerpraktikum)

Veröffentlichungen / Publications

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