Robert Mettin: abstract SEA1

Nonlinear Bubble Dynamics - Response Curves and More

W. Lauterborn and R. Mettin

Drittes Physikalisches Institut, Universität Göttingen,
Bürgerstraße 42-44, D-37073 Göttingen, Germany


A spherical bubble in a liquid can be viewed as a nonlinear oscillator that can be set into radial oscillations by a sound field. At larger oscillation amplitudes this oscillation must become nonlinear because the bubble can be elongated from its equilibrium radius to arbitrarily large radius values, but can be compressed only down to near zero radius. Bubbles of different radius at rest $R_n$ respond differently to the same sound field. This study reports on numerical investigations of this response for bubbles of 1 $\mu$m $\le R_n \le$ 500 $\mu$m for sound field frequencies in the near ultrasonic range and sound pressure amplitudes up to 150 kPa. Special attention is paid to the giant resonance at small radii.

in: L.A. Crum, T.J. Mason, J.L. Reisse, K.S. Suslick (eds.):
Sonochemistry and Sonoluminescence (Proceedings of the NATO Advanced
Study Institute, Leavenworth (WA), USA, 18-29 Aug. 1997), pp. 63-72,
Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht (1999).

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