Robert Mettin: abstract Toulouse 99

Bubble size distribution and structures in acoustic cavitation

R. Mettin, S. Luther, and W. Lauterborn

Drittes Physikalisches Institut, Universität Göttingen,
Bürgerstraße 42-44, D-37073 Göttingen, Germany


The bubble size distribution in an acoustic cavitation streamer structure at 20 kHz is measured by photographic means. Recalculation of the bubble equilibrium radii leads to values in the range of a few micrometer. This is compared to previous results and a theoretical estimation based on surface stability of oscillating spherical bubbles.

Proc. 2nd Conf. on Applications of Power Ultrasound in Physical and Chemical Processing,
Toulouse, France, 6-7 May 1999, pp. 125-129.

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